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Wilwood Thermlock Caliper Piston-Legends

Wilwood Thermlock Caliper Piston-Legends

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Wilwood’s exclusive Thermlock Piston provides the most effective thermal barrier available for minimizing heat transfer from the brake pads to the caliper body, seals and fluid. This innovative multi-part design incorporates a stainless steel shield and coated aluminum shell configuration that effectively retards heat transfer by at least 25 percent. This reduction in operating temperature eliminates seal crystallization and localized fluid boiling, which decreases distortion in the caliper body and piston bores, extending overall service life.

2 pistons needed per caliper

***Warning! INEX has determined that this SAFETY upgrade is not legal for Legends cars. If you run INEX sanctioned Legends races, this factory brake system SAFETY upgrade is not legal. Will they tech your brake calipers? We do not know, we just do not want any of our customers to be disqualified for the crime of upgrading the SAFETY of their race car without full disclosure***

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