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VMS Bonus Bucks Registration

VMS Bonus Bucks Registration

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New for 2024 Legends Racers...VMS Bonus Bucks!

Over the past 16 years, we have served Legends racers all over the world, and have been trying to think of a way to give back to the Legends community. Sponsorship of a few cars leaves out hundreds of our customers, so I have stayed away from that for my Legends folks.

Out of my desire to help ALL Legends racers comes VMS Bonus Bucks!

All you need to do to register is add this to your cart and check out. It costs you nothing!

 On the first of every month you will receive your VMS Bonus Bucks code worth 8% of the past months purchases! (shipping and taxes not included) Example: If you spend $400 on parts in January, on February 1st you will be emailed a code good for $32 off your next order! You can choose to use it, or you can save your bonus bucks for a larger purchase later on! On average, VMS Legends customers spend $2,600/year, which would earn you $208 VMS Bonus Bucks!

It's like Sponsorship for everyone!

Don't worry, I won't require you to run VMS stickers on your Legends car. We very much appreciate it when you do, but also understand that there are some people out there that don't appreciate VMS Motorsports saving racers money every day and will take it out on you just for having a VMS sticker on your car. We will still sell you parts and you'll earn your 8%, it'll be our little secret 😉

If you do run the VMS stickers on your Legends car, there will be giveaways throughout the year, and you will earn $25 extra VMS Bonus Bucks for every feature win, just send us a picture in victory lane with the VMS sticker visible. Stickers are included in every order, so if you don't have any yet, you will with your first order.


-Please register under the name you will purchase parts under. If you register as "Flying Sweet Potato Racing" but purchase your parts as "Bettie Jones", you will not get your 8%!

-You only need to register one time, and you are good for the year!

-Dealer accounts are not eligible for Bonus Bucks.

Have a safe and fun 2024!

Thank you!

Jim Bucher

VMS Motorsports

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