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Legends Wilwood Caliper Titanium Heat Shield/Shims

Legends Wilwood Caliper Titanium Heat Shield/Shims

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One complete axle set (4 heat shields) to outfit both front calipers. Protect your calipers and keep your brake fluid from overheating with this set of 6AL-4V titanium alloy heat shields manufactured specifically for VMS Motorsports for the Legends style Wilwood caliper also used on many Midget race cars (Dyna Single)

***Being titanium, these heat shields are probably illegal to use for sanctioned Legends INEX competition, even though they are a safety upgrade, not a weight saving measure.***

VMS Motorsports also stocks all Wilwood and TBM/Brakeman pad compounds for Wilwood applications. Our titanium brake heat shields are a quick and inexpensive way to manage your brake heat. Install between your brake pad and brake caliper pistons to form a thermal barrier that protects your caliper and fluid from excess heat.

All VMS Motorsports heat shields are made only from top grade 6AL-4V titanium alloy.

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