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Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 40 (Wilwood Caliper)

Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 40 (Wilwood Caliper)

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Improved friction compound is well suited to severe-duty oval, road course, and off-road applications that require aggressive response and durability at the highest of temperatures.

Pads offer very high-heat fade resistance and
long wear rates with iron and steel rotors.

Full set of 4 pads

BP-40 Pad Characteristics

  • Very high friction pad with aggressive initial response
  • Immediate low temperature response
  • Low wear rate during sustained high heat braking
  • Predictable and linear response with excellent modulation
  • High heat fade resistance

Pad Applications

  • Racing only - Not for street use
  • Road course
  • Oval pavement
  • Dirt all classes
  • Off road

Rotor Material

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
  • Super Alloy
  • Titanium


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