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Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 30 (Wilwood Caliper)

Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 30 (Wilwood Caliper)

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Wilwood BP-30 Compound.

•Newest racing pad from Wilwood

•Race ONLY compound is a value priced, proven workhorse for most weekly category asphalt late models, sprints, modifieds, and sportsman divisions

•Hard braking dirt late models, DIRT modifieds, and rear inboard sprint brakes with vented iron or steel rotors.

•SCCA club racers, rally, and auto-cross. High MPH drag cars if high end fade occurs with lower temperature pads.

•Medium-high friction compound with good cold response

•High friction, smooth intitial response. Steady rise in friction as temperature increases.

•Low wear rate

•Racing Only; Not For Street Use!

•Smooth, predictable engagement with excellent control over a wide range of applications.

•Long wearing pad in the middle temperature ranges with moderate wear in sustained high heat conditions.

•Easily bedded without abrasion on new iron or steel rotors.

•Heat Range: HIGH

•Cold Torque: MEDIUM

•Hot Torque: HIGH

•Wear Rate: MEDIUM-LOW

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