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Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 20 (Wilwood Caliper)

Legends INEX / Dynalite Brake Pad Set BP 20 (Wilwood Caliper)

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Provides increased friction levels with extended temperature range over BP-10.
Ideal for heavy braking on dirt tracks, and hobby and sportsman asphalt racing.

Full set of 4 pads

BP-20 Pad Characteristics

  • Medium friction pad, highest effective temperature range in medium temperature pad group
  • Smooth engagement, friction rises with increased temperature
  • Medium wear rate at high temperature
  • High performance street and track compound with increased friction and a wider temperature range over BP-10
  • Baseline pad for track oriented street cars

Pad Applications

  • Street use okay
  • Street
  • Autocross
  • Track day
  • Drag race
  • Medium braking dirt and pavement race

Rotor Material

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
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