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Fuel Line-Lightweight -6 Aeroquip Kevlar/Nomex

Fuel Line-Lightweight -6 Aeroquip Kevlar/Nomex

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ie:, if you order "1", you will get 1 foot. if you order "20", you will get a 20' continuous piece of line.

Aeroquip's StartLite Racing Hoses are the professional's choice and race proven by NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA and many other sanctioned bodies. These lightweight, flame retardant hoses are 45% lighter than stainless steel braided hoses. Temperature ratings from -45 to 300°F and up to 5x better abrasive protection give these racing hoses an edge over the competition. The smooth bore inner tube allow for improved fluid flow and a flexible band radius without crimping. Suitable for fuel, lubricating and coolant fluids withstanding 350-500 PSI. Works with Aeroquip's reusable aluminum hose end and crimp style fittings. 

Features: •Up to 45% lighter than stainless steel braided hose.

•Flame retardant Nomex and Kevlar cover with up to five times better abrasion protection.

•Flexible band radius with smooth bore inner tube.

•-45° to 300°F temperature rating.

•350-500 PSI rating.

•Works with reusable aluminum hose end fittings and crimp style fittings.

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